Anita Bekus

Anita Bekus is a Polish MMA fighter, who competes in the Flyweight division. She has a personal MMA record of 3-2-0 (W-L-D).

Anita Bekus was born on August 4, 1990, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She started with fitness and kickboxing, becoming Junior World Champion WFF.

Anita Bekus made her professional MMA debut on September 22, 2018, at EFN 4 – Envio Fight Night ’19 versus Hanna Gujwan, winning by unanimous decision.

On March 16, 2019, she took part in FEN 24 event versus Kamila Porczyk, winning by KO in Round 1. On June 8, 019, she fought versus Ewelina Wozniak at EFN 5 – Envio Fight Night ’20, but lost via KO in Round 1.

In June 2020, Anita Bekus added another victory to her MMA record, winning by TKO in Round 1 versus Sylwia Magdalena Firlej at FEN 28. A few months later, on October 3, she lost from Izabela Badurek at FEN 30 via split decision.

Anita Bekus is a fitness model and MMA fighter, who has thousands of followers on social networks. She is one of the hottest MMA babes.

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