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Beata Anneli Malecki, better known as Bea Malecki, is a Swedish MMA fighter, who competes in Women’s Bantamweight Division in UFC. Her personal record on the professional MMA octagon is 4-0-0 (W-L-D).

Bea Malecki was born in Stockholm on August 23, 1991. Before joining UFC and started her professional MMA career, she is a former Muay Thai European champion and a former Muay Thai world champion.

Bea Malecki debuted in professional MMA on November 04, 2017, versus Faith Davis at ExciteFight – Conquest of the Cage. Malecki won with technical submission. The successful debut was followed by another victory versus Tracy Smith in February 2018, before joining UFC.

The UFC debut of Bea Malecki was on June 01, 2019, versus Duda Santana, winning by submission in the 2nd round. Her fourth, and until now last, fight was on March 14, 2020, winning versus Veronica Macedo by decision.

Bea Malecki is one of the best and most successful MMA fighters. She is also hot and very beautiful.

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