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Christi Brereton is an English female kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter based in Okehampton. She was born on born November 26, 1992 in Exeter, England, United Kingdom.

Christi Brereton fights for the kickboxing organization Glory. She is a Kru at the Chaos Muay Thai Fitness and Competition Training Centre in Exeter, England. The facility was set up in 2011, and she runs it alongside her partner Stephen Pender.

Christi Brereton fought for WBC Muaythai Women’s Bantamweight World Title versus Jemyma Betrian in June 2014 and won. She fought valiantly but sadly lost out, however, she brushed herself off for a win against French number one Soraya Bucherie in October. She also recently defended her British number one spot against Scottish sensation Helen ’Banshee’ Wilson with a TKO win.

In 2019, Christi Brereton started her professional MMA career. The first match she lost from Sofia Olofsson, but in the second won versus Sarah Moussaddak with a unanimous decision.

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