Nadia Chmil

Nadia Chmil

Nadia Chmil is an American Muay Thai and MMA fighter, who competes in the Featherweight category. Nadia Chmil has a personal MMA record of 1-0-0 (W-L-D).

Nadia Chmil was born in San Jacinto, California, United States. She started practicing Muay Thai from an early age and took part in a variety of fighting events in California, before turning to MMA.

Nadia Chmil made her professional MMA debut on March 7, 2020, versus Caitlin Cardenas at the Gladiator Challenge: Best In The West. Nadia Chmil made a fantastic fight and defeated Caitlin Cardenas by TKO in Round 2. Following the great debut, she was expected to have another fight, but the coronavirus pandemic had delayed her returning to the Octagon.

Nadia Chmil is one of the most attractive fighters, having a great performance and really high talent. She is also one of the hottest MMA girls.

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