Paulina Granados

Paulina Granados

Paulina Granados is an American MMA fighter and amateur champion, born on December 6, 1987, in Aransas Pass, Texas. She is of the first generation in her family to be born in the United States. Her family is originally from Mexico.

Paulina Granados is atomweight fighter, who began training in July of 2009. Two years later started fighting and became unanimous amateur champion. In 2012 she became Cage Combat Amateur Champion. In March 2013, she turned professional, debuting at XCP / ABG Promotions – Rocks Extreme MMA 2, where she won the fight against Sarah Lagerstrom. The good start of her career continues with another win versus Maria Lopez with submission.

Since then Paulina Granados had 8 professional fights with a personal record 4-4-0 (W-L-D), while her current streak is 2 losses. Her latest fight in MMA was at Combate 36 – Reinas on April 26, 2019, where she lost from Gloria Bravo by unanimous decision.

Paulina Granados is a hot MMA fighter and one of the most beautiful girls in sports.

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